We are the freshly brewed cup of comfort at half past five. A reassuring pick-me-up in the sea of sameness. That everyone has the recipe for, but not everyone gets right.

Why working with us, works.

There is a reason this tea hits different. It’s not about the ingredients, nor the technique. But an invisible, unquantifiable, third thing.

[ky - pu - n - yum] - Malayalam

Which translates to the magic touch of a maker’s hand. A skill that transcends experience, passion and intuition. A rarity we possess in plenty.

Add to that a borderline obsession for perfection, zero compromise on processes, and you get a concoction that will soon be your go-to for all seasons.

Tenacity, meet good taste.

Handpicking the best talent, bringing together the right team, pulling off improbable asks in unimaginable timelines on a budget, requires a lot more than just seasoned industry knowledge and hard work. It takes that little sprinkle of magic for every ounce of mastery.

That balance is how we deliver a sensory experience every time. Come, let’s cook.


TLDR - Shubhra Madhukar gave up her full time agency job to chase her long-standing dream of producing great content.

Before she founded Gingertea Productions, Shubhra worked in the Client Servicing teams at agencies like JWT and FCB Ulka, handling mammoth brands like Lifestyle, Kingfisher, Titan, Airtel etc. It’s during these stints that she realised the dearth of a quality production house that is right for every kind of brief. Hence, in 2019, she decided to put together the missing pieces and created a one-stop-shop, a hub for ideas to brew. Armed with a deep understanding of agency and client expectations, and the right network developed over a decade, Gingertea Productions is now her full-time DIY project.

Hear it from them

Take a sip

Got a story to tell? Need a story worth telling? Want to make a commercial? A web series? Docu? Product shots? Need tips for a perfect gingertea?

Whatever it is, get in touch and we’ll talk it out over a cuppa.